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* LUX Player is NOT an IPTV service and does NOT provide any live tv or V.O.D content or services, LUX Player is a media player suited to play legitimate video streams from a 3rd party Service provider

Which Platform Do you Prefer?

The LUX Player app is available for the following platforms:

Android Devices

fire TV

Apple Products

What Features Can The LUX Player Provide?

LUX Player was developed and designed with a modern cable-like design, some of the app features include:



Beautiful & Innovative V.O.D section to watch your favorites movies.



Use any android Bluetooth control to control the app (including colored buttons).



Record your favorite shows to watch them later.



Record your favorite shows to watch them later.



Manage your app playlists, settings & sources directly from the web console.



The app supports natively XC & Stalker APIs.


Have a question, problem or missing information?

These FAQ’s should help!

How Do I Install The LUX Player App On My Device?

In order to install the device in your device you will need to select the type of device from the list above and follow the instructions provided for installation.

How Do I Get Service In The App?

If you have purchased a subscription through your stream provider, you will need to contact them for more details. LUX Player is only an app, not a streaming service.

How Should I Enter My Mac Address?

lowercase? with “MAC ID:”

MAC Address needs to be inserted EXACTLY has it is shown in the main iMPlayer app, if it is shown in lowercase insert it in lowercase, EXACTLY the same. MAC Address are case sensitive, it doesn’t matter if other apps shows you another MAC Address, for iMPlayer always use the MAC Address shown in the iMPlayer app.

Where Can I Find More Info About The LUX Player App?

For more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

We Have an App for Everyone!

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Have a question, problem or missing information?

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